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Conflict Health Has Shut Down

In 2008, I launched the blog Conflict Health to investigate and defend the role of health workers during political violence and armed conflicts. Four years later, I had written almost 500 posts on Conflict Health about everything from embedding with a U.S. humanitarian operation to the latest research on health-conflict interactions.

I cannot convey how much writing the blog for all those years not only affected my academic research (and eventually my dissertation) but my entire life.

However, on March 3rd 2014 I decided to shut down While I kept the site up for as long as possible, the truth is that by the end I was paying over $330 per year to keep the blog online using old code and older security settings. It was only a matter of time before neglect (my own) would make the site take itself down.

I searched for ways to migrate the blog posts to a different service, but — long story short — it didn't work out. So instead I decided to take down Conflict Health, but allow individuals to download a full archive of the entire site accessible on Dropbox.

The Conflict Health archive zip folder contains:

  • An HTML copy of all blog posts.
  • A PDF copy of all blog posts.
  • An SQL copy of the blog's database.
  • A copy of the entire domain folder.

My hope is that through the archive zip file researchers and others will continue to find value in Conflict Health's posts for years to come.